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“I worked with Illumination Graphics to design a cover and interior layout for my fiction novel prior to self-publishing. Deborah proposed several nice ideas for the cover and I selected my favorite one. She laid out the interior beautifully. The cover and the interior uploaded perfectly to KDP for publishing. I was very pleased with a job well done. Would definitely use Illumination Graphics again.”

Jason Ryan, author

“Deborah Perdue of Illumination Graphics is a skillful designer. She created a beautiful cover and interior for my book. The process was fun and easy as Deborah walked me through each step of the process. She was accessible, supportive and a true collaborator. I am thrilled with the product and will definitely seek out her help with my next project. I highly recommend her services!”

Susan Averna, PhD, author

“What a pleasure it was to work with Deborah Perdue. When you collaborate with artists, you hope that they will help bring your vision to life. If you are really fortunate, you’ll find an exceptional artist who can make the project better than you had imagined. That was precisely my experience working with Deborah. Professional, insightful, and creative. I highly recommend Deborah and her services.”

Burton Richardson, author

“Wow! My first book is going to print this week! As a first time author/publisher, I would have never guessed the complexity and numerous steps one would have to navigate to publish a book. Deborah Perdue of Illumination Graphics was essential to getting my book to the printer. Every step of the way my questions were quickly and correctly answered, allowing me to progress from an idea in my mind to a finished book. In addition, Deborah was the intermediary between myself and Tara, the illustrator extraordinaire, who was able to take my very un-artistic thoughts and put them into wonderful illustrations that brought life to my words. Deborah then took the last step and merged everything together with a wonderful book layout, font choice and awesome front and back cover designs. What an awesome pair!”

Steve Hummel, author

“This book is so close to my heart and a lot of sweat, tears and late nights went into creating it. Deborah is one of the main influences to get this book to where it is right now. Without her professional designing and work, this book will not be as it is. Deborah is not just a formatter or a designer. Her thoughts and the process she implements in understanding the emotions and feelings behind each book is unparalleled. She always promptly answered any of my queries and almost hand held me to the finish line.”

Rish Mitra - author

“I always desired a book of my dreams, one that captures my soul from the book cover to the interior design. Deborah Perdue of Illumination Graphics has done that! The color and graphics of the cover immediately spark my attention. The interior is a reflection of professionalism and detail which are so important to me. I love how it looks…sheer satisfaction! Deborah’s eye for detail and ambience is sharp and brilliant! Her friendly interaction transcends from Oregon to Michigan. I felt it. I appreciated it!”

Dr. Shelley McIntosh, author
LaRue Palmer book

“It gives me great pleasure to sing the praises of Deborah Perdue, for the excellent work she did in designing the cover and interior of my book, Man Cave of Health. She came up with a marvelous design concept that completely reflected my vision. My book cover is clean, professional, and extremely readable. Deborah has a gift for mixing and matching type styles and graphics if you use them in your book, as in my case, everything came together synergistically. Deborah will be honest with you if she doesn’t like a particular idea, and offer better options that end up working out better. She’s a real pro. And I recommend Illumination Graphics most highly.”

LaRue Palmer, Author

“Deborah Perdue of Illumination Graphics is an impressive book designer. Her work is excellent, detailed and brilliant. She has a great personality, is easy to work with and is outstanding in her field. I most strongly recommend her for any graphic or book design.”

RDSutherland, author

“As a first-time author, I was referred to Deborah by multiple friends; all roads seemed to lead to Deborah for my interior and cover layouts. She did a beautiful job in finding classy fonts and styles that captured the feel I was hoping for but was struggling to describe; it’s as if she sensed what I was envisioning. The cover layout was beyond my expectations, and she added thoughtful touches that made the back cover pop. Additionally, she welcomed my questions and was an invaluable resource to me as I navigated the self-publishing process, which was a huge learning curve. She always responded to my emails quickly and professionally. I highly recommend her services, I very much enjoyed working with her!”

Melissa McRobbie, author

“Deborah Perdue’s work at Illumination Graphics is superb! She designed a gorgeous cover for my new book, and created an equally beautiful interior with her formatting expertise. Not only does the cover grab you, but the inside of the book is a pleasure to read! And Deborah is a pro in the industry: she helped recommend a good printer, which I desperately needed, and then track the ongoing process of final editing with patience and ease. If you want to publish a book, you need Illumination Graphics!”

Kathy Kali, author

“Like so many other authors, I highly recommend Deborah Perdue of Illumination Graphics. If you want to have an enchanting experience, in mutual respect and harmony, with high excellence in results, she’s your designer. I had a Big Project, very demanding, that began in Sample Pages but ended up with a traditional book publisher. She came through every step of the way, including flap jackets and extras. She also conceived the unusually creative design the book needed. Earlier, she did a book for a client of mine. That one needed a more conservative design, and she did that excellently too. She is the best, and I completely recommend her design services.”

Margaret Harrell, author and editor

“Deborah and I created partnership of deep respect and appreciation. She is a true professional whose creativity, flexibility, and kindness exceeded my all of my expectations. It was a pleasure working with her. Her responsiveness and dedication was excellent. I would highly recommend her and her company Illumination Graphics. She is the best. You will be in good hands with Deborah.”

Kathy Triebwasser, author
Jeffrey Fischmann book

“Working with Illumination Graphics was a very enjoyable experience from start to finish. Deborah Perdue, the owner, is fantastic to work with. She is talented, diligent and thoroughly professional. She makes herself available and is easy to communicate with. She sticks to all of her commitments and goes the extra mile. Deborah read the entire novel before she designed the cover and interior which made a big difference. Deborah and Illumination Graphics have my highest recommendation.”

Jeffrey Fischmann, author

“As completion of my travel memoir drew near, I began searching for a cover designer. I looked at the portfolios of many cover artists, but I kept coming back to Illumination Graphics. I saw in Deborah’s art a quality that stood out from the rest. My book was so important to me. and in one telephone conversation, I gave Deborah the best thoughts and keywords my mind could come up with. I hired her. One week later the email came. I held my breath, opened it and nearly fell out of my chair. She had captured my vision perfectly. My highest recommendation goes out to Illumination Graphics. I couldn’t have put my project in better hands. Deborah Perdue is an artist with an exceptional gift and she is a pleasure to work with.”

Steve Hannes, author

“After my first phone conversation with Deborah Perdue at Illumination Graphics, I knew that she was the gal for our book project. I submitted to her a very crude prototype of what we were wanting in the way of a 10”X12” photo book to be used as an additional PBS premium, during pledge drives, for the popular PBS documentary “Alone in the Wilderness”. She tackled the book project with enthusiasm, constantly communicating with us on getting things to our liking, with many great suggestions and advice to make the book as good as it could be. Her knowledge and talent of properly putting a book together, from beginning to end was very impressive. I cannot give Deborah Perdue enough praise for the job she did for us in turning out a magnificent book that we are so pleased with. It was truly a wonderful experience working with Deborah. She is no doubt a gifted and very professional book designer that we feel very lucky to have found.”

Bob Swerer Jr., author

“I absolutely credit Deborah Perdue and her gifted sidekick Tara Thelen for a job well done. Mine was no easy project, at least not from my point of view, necessitating many twists and turns. I had checked out a number of book designers, looking for professionals to help revision a book I felt deserved the attention. Deborah’s flair for design, as well as Tara’s rendering of beautiful cover images, were exactly what my book needed. The fact that they both took time to read the novel in its entirety before offering design ideas told me how serious they both are about their work. Thank you Deborah, for navigating all the thorny details. And thank you Tara, for your art. You both truly outdid yourselves!”

Freddie Owens, author

“Bringing a book to print can be a confusing maze of decisions. The key to success, is finding the right person to guide you through. Deborah Perdue at Illumination Graphics truly stands heads above the rest. Not only is she exceptionally competent and knowledgeable, but she genuinely cares about the author and their dream for their book. From Cover design to interior formatting, Deb demonstrates her creative talent and her sincere love of the printed word. Deb does what she says she will do, when she says she will do it. She conducts her business with honesty and integrity. You simply won’t find a better partner to bring your book to life!”

Nancy Kreiner, author

“As a debut novelist of mystery-thriller fiction, my books have many moving parts to completion. Deborah Perdue gave me excellent, precise details to follow. Her font design is great!)and color schemes are impeccable, and if you need to change what she presents, no problem. She has illustrators, editors, and a cadre of expert coworkers that she recommends to get your book completed on time. You can compare her work with, or better than, any New York publishing house. In addition, she is very patient to work with. I highly recommend her to new and experienced authors.”

Jack Holt, author

“As my first manuscript neared completion, I had a difficult time finding professionals I could trust for the editing, interior design, and book cover design. Finally, I found Deborah Perdue at Illumination Graphics. She is a creative genius who managed my project with ease. She welcomes open dialog with her clients and her skilled team has the professional support to handle all aspects of the edit and design process. Thank you, Deborah, for exceeding all of my expectations. Just when I thought I would never finish this project, I found you.”

Stella Jacobs, author

“Deborah of Illumination Graphics created a brilliant book cover for us. She was able to capture the radiance, light and inspiration that perfectly matched the content of our book. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Deborah is also a great person to work with…she’s intuitive, creative, patient, and wonderful! We highly recommend her to design your book cover, too.”

Authors Angie Lambert & Sheri Miller
A Mother Like Me cover design

“Working with Deborah on the design and layout of my A Mother Like Me book was a very positive experience. Deborah has a strong work ethic, is patient, understanding, kind and generous with her time and attention to detail. Her creativity flows from an artist’s heart, and she truly cares about authors, and their published works. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. If I write another book, I will want her to design it for me.”

Angie Ford-Green, author

“I wholeheartedly recommend Deborah Perdue of Illumination Graphics. Deborah designed both the book cover and interior for my book Keep Your Marbles. She exceeded my expectations, the cover is magnificent and the interior is pleasing and inviting to read–Perfect! Deborah’s integrity, kindness, and work ethic is unsurpassed.”

John Kalb, author
Linda Salazar book

“Every now and then I hit the jackpot when I hire someone to do creative work for me and I am left speechless. Speechless because Illumination Graphics is so phenomenal at what they do – from their creativity right down to how they conduct their business and themselves. Their talent and integrity is off the charts! Deborah is one of those phenomenal people! What she created for my book cover and interior is absolutely beautiful and completely exceeded my expectations! She is an amazing soul who proved to me everyday that she can be counted on, is a woman of her word and that she deeply cares about her clients receiving exactly what their heart desires – even if you’re not sure what that is at the outset, she’ll get you there! If you continue looking for a book designer after reading this, then all I can say is you are wasting precious time. Stop looking and simply do the right thing – turn your book over to Deborah and let her bring you a result you’ll fall in love with – guaranteed.”

Linda Salazar, author – Forever Hold Your Peace

“Deborah Perdue’s ability to to hone in with her creative skills is second to none in the industry. She hit the nail on the head from cover to cover with both creativity and sound professional advice. I would recommend Deborah Perdue at Illumination Graphics from startups to large companies. Thanks Deborah, for your ongoing support and going the extra mile!”

Debra Rothschild, author
Patricia Mortlock book

“As a first-time author I found publishing my book to be a daunting task. Illumination Graphics came highly recommended to me. Day by day, I saw my dream book become a reality, through Deborah’s guidance and beautiful creativity. My book was reviewed and received 5 Stars. I am forever grateful.”

Patricia Mortlock, author

“It was a fine professional experience to work with Deborah Perdue to develop the cover for my new book. No one could have been better in showing flexibility, understanding, creativity and technical abilities in dealing with my needs for help in producing a cover that represents my book excellently. You are on the top of my list!”

Robert Crow, PhD, author

“Deborah and her team are absolutely amazing! The cover she designed for my book is absolutely gorgeous! I mean truly breathtaking!!! I seriously could not be happier, and I am definitely going back to her when my next book is ready. She is the BEST!”

Corey Stultz, author

“Deborah Perdue of Illumination Graphics did an outstanding job of putting together my coffee table/photography boo in a professional and timely manner. I appreciated her creative input, and willingness to work with me to make changes or adjustments when necessary. I highly recommend Deborah and Illumination Graphics for any project similar to mine.”

Jeff Moore, author

“You are not going to find a more intelligent, talented book designer than Deborah Perdue at Illumination Graphics. In planning my memoir, I looked into a host of options — print on demand companies that offered packages that included cover and interior design, as well as other elements of the production process. All had strict limits on how many proposals they would give me, how many minutes of consultation, etc. Not so Deborah. She’s in it all the way to make the client happy, whatever it takes. It immediately became “our” project, and she cared about the result as much as I did. She originally sent four suggested front pages, back pages, hardback and paperback proposals, etc. We worked on those, picked one, then changed it, worked some more, until they were just right. Same with interior design: work the project until it’s perfect. I think I drove her crazy with my changes, but she never faltered. Impressive performance. I am very happy with everything she has done for me. I’m not sure if I will write another book, but I am sure that if I do, Deborah will head up my team.”

Martin London, author

The professionalism and expertise in editing and designing this book by Deborah Perdue of Illumination Graphics and her team far surpassed my expectations. One would think that it was their book the way they treated its development.”

Wilson Antonio LaFaurie, Esq., author
Will Irons book

“After weeks of searching fruitlessly for the right designer for the interior and cover of my book, I finally discovered Deborah Perdue and Illumination Graphics. I’m so grateful that I did. “This is it!” I said to myself. I was drawn immediately to the incredible diversity of covers in her extensive portfolio, the rich colors and all the unique, beautiful designs. Then I read about her many years of experience, along with her commitment to her client’s total satisfaction, and the decision was final. She is true to her word and more. I couldn’t have asked for a better overall experience in terms of Deborah’s dedication to her craft and to her client’s happiness. She offered the perfect balance of wise, experienced advice while still allowing me to be an active part of the creative process. And her unparalleled patience with my inexperience and all the many things I learned from her are truly appreciated. I initially thought finding Deborah and Illumination Graphics was a stroke of very good luck, and it was without a doubt. But it was also a clear example of the beauty of synchronicity. Deborah, you’re the best! Galaxies of gratitude!”

Will Irons, author

“As a first time author finding Deborah at Illumination Graphics was like Cinderella getting her fairy Godmother. Deborah was the consummate professional. She was patient, accommodating, and had a unique ability to understand where I was coming from and what I wanted to accomplish with my book. She always offered a wide range of choices, was very insightful about what I liked and was always ready to share a laugh with me. As a published author herself, she gave me invaluable advice on bringing my writing project to a successful conclusion. I can’t wait to work with her again.”

Sebastian Rainone III, author

“Deborah from Illumination Graphics was an absolute pleasure! Her designs far exceeded anything I had in mind, and was so patient with me since I was learning how to be a first time author. It was such a great experience and I’m so ecstatic that I found her. I will definitely use her in the future and encourage everyone, whether you’re a first time or a best selling author, to use her services! She’s a diamond and has my infinity of five star ratings…Thank You Deborah…You have brought my vision to life!”

Mercedes Wadkin, author

“Deborah of Illumination Graphics is a blessing for any book or creative design project. She is supportive, offers thoughtful constructive feedback, and was willing to work with me until the design was perfectly aligned with my vision for my book. She went way beyond my expectations to really commune with my project, deeply considering and listening to my preferences and created an end product that was completely aligned with my style, energy, and the content itself. I highly recommend her work as she is a true gift and will bring her loving, supportive grace to any creative endeavor. I am so very grateful to have found her!!”

Zemirah Jazwierska, Ed.S. and RScP, author

“The design work of Deborah Perdue and Illumination Graphics is excellent, and Deborah was my angel watching over everything I did. She was the “go-to” person if I had a question about any part of the publishing process and I had many as a first-time author. Deborah takes particular care with her clients and their projects seeing them through all steps of the process. I was very happy I chose to work with Deborah because of her professionalism and design expertise. She was willing to continue to work on a design until I was completely satisfied. The interior and the cover look beautiful”.

Jan M. Schmuckler, PhD, author

“As a brand new novelist, the process of finding a graphic artist appeared daunting. Boy, did I ever luck out! My first phone call was to Deborah Perdue at Illumination Graphics and my search was over! From that moment on, I was in great hands. The wealth of talent, experience and patience that Deborah brings to her clients is truly AMAZING! Talk about holding a first time author’s hand and helping them navigate through the confusing maze of the publishing world. The final product exceeded my wildest expectations (And I’m fussy!), and I am now pretty well versed in this fun new world. Thank you, thank you, thank you Deborah! I’m presently writing my second novel and will definitely use Deborah, once again! FIVE STARS!”

Christopher Morosoff

“So many well-deserved kudos for Illumination Graphics already! How can I describe differently my experience with Deborah and the artist Tara Thelen? We were like honeybees in a field of clover, testing a blossom here and a blossom there, till we all landed gently upon one perfect flower.”

Robert Snow, author
Doranne Long book

“Deborah Perdue of Illumination Graphics is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is a true professional, effective and efficient, and very good at what she does. She created a lovely book cover for me and guided me gently through the whole journey. She was quick to complete the work and even quicker to tidy up any last-minute details. She always gave more than what was asked of her. I am so pleased with the whole process and the result is far beyond my wildest dreams!”

Doranne Long, PT, MS, author

“Deborah at Illumination Graphics is easy to work with and does great work. She is open to ideas as well as providing her own. Could not be happier with my cover and interior design!”

Mike Farlow, PhD, author

“Superb Graphics & Superb Service! Highly, highly recommended. Illumination Graphics has produced book covers, ads, flyers, always on time, always reasonably priced (actually underpriced and I’ve told them so!), and always superb. Whenever we’ve asked for changes they’re quick and attentive. And, a pleasure to work with. Move fast, our company hopes to overwhelm them with all sorts of projects…”

Saniel Bonder, Extraordinary Empowerments

Illumination Graphics and Tara Thelen Artwork are the best! First, they helped me conceptualize what I wanted and then really listened to my perceptions/ideas about my work and how I wanted it to be perceived. They created a beautiful cover and interior formatting! And they best part? They worked with me until I was satisfied – which didn’t take long because they were so professional to begin with! I highly recommend!

Patricia Brandon, author