Will Irons book

“After weeks of searching fruitlessly for the right designer for the interior and cover of my book, I finally discovered Deborah Perdue and Illumination Graphics. I’m so grateful that I did. “This is it!” I said to myself. I was drawn immediately to the incredible diversity of covers in her extensive portfolio, the rich colors and all the unique, beautiful designs. Then I read about her many years of experience, along with her commitment to her client’s total satisfaction, and the decision was final. She is true to her word and more. I couldn’t have asked for a better overall experience in terms of Deborah’s dedication to her craft and to her client’s happiness. She offered the perfect balance of wise, experienced advice while still allowing me to be an active part of the creative process. And her unparalleled patience with my inexperience and all the many things I learned from her are truly appreciated. I initially thought finding Deborah and Illumination Graphics was a stroke of very good luck, and it was without a doubt. But it was also a clear example of the beauty of synchronicity. Deborah, you’re the best! Galaxies of gratitude!”