“You are not going to find a more intelligent, talented book designer than Deborah Perdue at Illumination Graphics. In planning my memoir, I looked into a host of options — print on demand companies that offered packages that included cover and interior design, as well as other elements of the production process. All had strict limits on how many proposals they would give me, how many minutes of consultation, etc. Not so Deborah. She’s in it all the way to make the client happy, whatever it takes. It immediately became “our” project, and she cared about the result as much as I did. She originally sent four suggested front pages, back pages, hardback and paperback proposals, etc. We worked on those, picked one, then changed it, worked some more, until they were just right. Same with interior design: work the project until it’s perfect. I think I drove her crazy with my changes, but she never faltered. Impressive performance. I am very happy with everything she has done for me. I’m not sure if I will write another book, but I am sure that if I do, Deborah will head up my team.”