Sinxay book design almost complete!

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llumination Graphics’ is almost done with the design and production of Sinxay’s book cover and interior, over 300 pages. Sneak preview follows this post! Sinxay is a beautiful and enchanting book, authored by Peter Whittlesey and Baythong Sayouvin Whittlesey, filled with lovely photos of Laos, by Peter, and colorful illustrations of the story of Sinxay by many artists. It is the authors’ intention to bring the story of Sinxay to the West, and it is an excellent tribute to the mostly-oral story of epic hero Sinxay that originated, and has lived on, in Laos and Thailand. Quite fascinating! Buildings are adorned with the story and the characters in Laos, which is such a beautiful land as you will see from this preview. I am so happy to have been chosen as designer, and to be a part of this book’s birth!

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