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We provide powerful promotional materials of all kinds!

Congratulations! Now that it is published, it’s time to start promoting your book. Let Illumination Graphics help.

Printed book promotion materials, or book promotion swag, are little giveaway items that remind readers of your work. You’ll want plenty to hand out at every release party, book signing and book event. Bookmarks and postcards are popular and budget-friendly.

To be most effective, each and every promotional item should match your book cover or brand. This means taking your book’s cover design or brand design and incorporate it into your book promotional materials in a professional, creative, eye-catching way.

Quality counts! You can rely on Illumination Graphics and our many years of graphic design expertise to provide everything you need. Let us design Bookmarks, Book Promotion Flyers, Posters, Brochures, Business Cards, Display Ads (for magazines or online sources), Publisher logos, Website Design, Enewsletter Design , Slide Show Presentations, and more. Just ask!

Promotional Flyers


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With years and years of experience, we can help make your book promotion materials more professional and special! EMAIL or CALL to request samples of business cards, logos, newsletters, slide presentations, ads, brochures, flyers and much more.

“Illumination Graphics’ creations are an OCTAVE ABOVE EXCELLENT! She works with you and for you, using her intelligence and intuition to create consistently beautiful outcomes. This is an unusual gift and I feel very fortunate to be a client.”
Julianna Forgione
Belief Relief Personal Growth Counselor
Jacksonville, Oregon