Illustration & Design Portfolio

Let the dynamic design duo, Deborah Perdue and illustrator Tara Thelen, put their magical talents together to create a truly outstanding cover for your book.

Illustrated Book Cover Design & Book Illustration

Tara and Deborah have worked together beautifully for over 10 years bringing stories to life with engaging illustrations for print books, e-books, and book covers. Illumination Graphics can help tell your story with unique illustrations that complement your writing and captivates your readers. Enhance your book’s visual narrative with exclusive illustrations tailored to your unique story. Bid farewell to generic stock images—unless, of course, you prefer otherwise. Imagine a design team that seamlessly combines top-notch visuals with powerful illustrations.

Our full-color artwork is meticulously crafted using digital illustration tools and classic analog techniques like pastels, pen & ink, watercolors, and acrylics. From precise line drawings to sophisticated collage styles and true-to-life photo-realism, our diverse styles cater to every taste.

Ready to transform your book into a visual masterpiece? We utilize traditional illustration techniques alongside modern technology and a wealth of creative experience and expertise to bring your vision to life. Elevate your book to extraordinary status, because settling for ordinary is never an option.

Here is what one of our very happy clients said about our teamwork:

“So many well-deserved kudos for Illumination Graphics already! How can I describe differently my experience with Deborah and the artist Tara Thelen? We were like honeybees in a field of clover, testing a blossom here and a blossom there, till we all landed gently upon one perfect flower.”
Robert Snow
Author, Altar of Pearl

As you will see from these samples, Tara’s artwork and palette of styles is varied – she can do just about anything! We sometimes create mixed-media covers too, with a combination of Tara’s illustrations and stock photography.

Color Book Illustrations