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Designing Great Book Layouts and Interiors

A thoughtfully designed book interior layout makes the reading experience a pleasure. It is something that most readers never notice – unless it is wrong.

Nerdy details like font selection, line spacing, margins, not to mention things like placement of illustrations and artistic embellishments, seem like they should be easy. But, in fact, it takes a trained and experienced design eye to get those details just right.

Traditional Print, Hardback, Paperback, or Ebooks

Book layout and design details also differ depending on whether it is for a printed book or an ebook. A traditional book has static pages bound together with page numbers and a front and back cover. By comparison, an ebook has pages that “flow” and adjust to the size of the screen and often there is no back cover. There are design elements such as drop caps and hanging indents that just don’t work well on an e-reader. When you use Illumination Graphics for your ebook conversion, it will look as excellent and close to the print book design as possible, much more professional than a simpler ebook, and affordable too.

Whether your book is traditional print, hardback or paperback, or ebook, at Illumination Graphics, we rely on years of design experience and understanding of industry best practices to make your manuscript look and feel as good on the inside as it does on the outside.

When you hire us to layout your book interior, we begin by offering you one custom design sample for your manuscript. We suggest fonts and styles for the chapter numbers, chapter titles, headers, body text, subheads and other text elements, in short, a look and feel that complements your book’s subject and content. If you request any adjustments, we will send you a revised sample. Once you approve the design, we will typeset your entire manuscript in that fashion.

We design books from 100 pages or less, to 500 pages or more. We can include and/or create charts, graphics, photos, footnotes or endnotes. We can handle complicated non-fiction books as well as simpler books. Ask to see samples from our vast portfolio.

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