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$400.00. Front cover only. 2-3 concept ideas offered at outset, finishing one to your complete satisfaction. Includes non-copyrighted art or photos. Custom illustration additional.


$500.00 2 ideas are provided. Revisions allowed. Front, back and spine included. Art is provided high resolution and print ready. (Note that this is a very simple process for a reduced rate regularly $800.00)

$800.00 3-5 ideas will be presented. Revisions allowed as well as mixing and matching if desired. Front, back and spine included. Art is provided high resolution and print ready. Includes royalty-free stock photos or artwork as appropriate. Also includes jpg for web use. Bar code will be supplied using your ISBN#.

$1000.00 includes a custom illustration.

Call and we can find out what is right for your amazing cover!


$1500.00 This is an option for those who are not sure or clear on what they want, and is a collaborative design effort. We read the entire manuscript, then initially suggest 8-10 written ideas to author, with author choosing the ideas to pursue, then fine tuning the chosen ideas until it is time for custom illustration and design. This includes front, back and spine prepared high resolution and print ready. Includes illustration and royalty-free artwork, often a combination of both, which will belong to you. 3 design choices at outset, then finishing one up to your complete satisfaction. Also includes jpg for web use.

Prices above are for soft covers. Dust jackets for hard covers are $250.00 extra.


Price depends upon amount of pages, complexity, and other details. Note: We offer a significant discount for cover design and interior layout awarded to Illumination Graphics at the same time. Please call or email for an accurate quote.

Book Cover Design Process

  1. Discussion with you on direction/color preferences/your ideas by phone or email. Synopsis of book is essential. For comprehensive designs, Illumination Graphics’ will read the full manuscript if hard copies are provided.
  2. Text for the front and back furnished by you. Photos (if applicable) can be emailed.
  3. Illumination Graphics provides design ideas with different color schemes, artwork and typestyles.
  4. Choose the one that speaks most to you.
  5. Revisions as needed until you are 100% satisfied.