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It is our mission to help authors bring their amazing books to the world, all genres.
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The first step on the path to publishing is to have your book well-edited. We offer all types of editing services: line editing, proofreading, and developmental editing.

Book Cover Designs: for ebooks and print books, hardcover or paperback.
Audio Book Covers too!

Our stunning custom design covers are creatively designed for your book so that your front cover, back cover, and spine look professional and get attention. We offer three cover design choices at the outset, fine-tuning one until you are completely satisfied. We include stock photography, stock illustration and even custom illustration. We often combine images so that your book cover is unique. We make sure that your cover pops, and makes the reader want to open it and buy it! FREE 3D mockups for marketing purposes.


Custom Illustration

We provide full color illustrations in pastels, pen & ink, watercolors, acrylics. You choose and we deliver. Artist Tara Thelen’s artwork and palette of styles is varied – she can do just about anything! We sometimes create mixed-media covers too, with a combination of Tara’s illustrations and stock photography.


Interior Book design and Layout

You want your book to look as good on the inside as it does on the outside. Let us take your manuscript and make it professional and excellent. We design and layout all types of books, whether simpler fiction or more complicated non-fiction, with pictures, charts, and footnotes. We design children’s books and coffee table/photography books with expertise.

Ebook conversion

Do you need a professional ebook? Let us supply those too. With an amazing cover design and excellent epub conversion.

Always complimentary guidance for new authors!

Let us help you get your ISBN#, choose which Print on Demand company to go with, direct you to the right place for Copyrighting, Library of Congress and more. Let us hold your hand through the sometimes-daunting process of getting your book published and out to the world! Free uploading to printer/POD of your choice. Account set-up also available.


We provide all types of graphic design for marketing materials

Bookmarks, business cards, slide shows, posters and more to help your book marketing come alive.