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What is book design?

There are two aspects of book design, the cover design and the book layout design. It is important to have a professional book cover designer design your book cover. The book cover must stand out on amazon and in bookstores. It must be unique and grab the reader’s attention on first glance. Book layouts that are professionally designed are recommended too. The designer will organize the pages in a pleasing, easy-to-read fashion. Both are very important in the success of your book.

Why should I hire a book designer?

Studies show that an outstanding custom book cover generates way more interest in your book than a homemade cover. A book cover designer can generate a pleasing visual book cover, catching someone’s eye and interest, and inviting them to look inside and purchase your book. It is the first impression and that is vital to success for an author.

Do I need to prepare something for my book design?

Yes, give your designer clues about the impression you want your book to convey. What genre is it? Playful or serious? Creative or unconventional? Consider your audience and what type of image you visualize for it. You may want to show the designer some samples of what you like and don’t like. You must supply the text for the front cover and the back cover.

What makes a good design?

Good book cover design portrays an accurate representation of your book’s content. It is best when it visually communicates the message of your book to your audience. A good book cover design is memorable, eye-catching and has a “wow” factor. Remember that your book cover is seen first and you want to make an excellent, captivating impression at first glance.

Why should I hire a book layout designer?

A book that is well laid-out offers an excellent reading experience. A book designer who specializes in interior book layouts makes sure that your pages are appealing and also easily read. If there are pictures, the book layout designer makes sure the images fit within each page nicely, and there will be a consistency throughout the pages. You will make a strong connection with your readers when they find your book smooth reading.

How do I choose the right designer for my book? Find a book cover designer who matches your tastes. Be sure to look through their online portfolio for unique and original designs and illustrations. Check to see if they have excellent testimonials from other well-pleased authors. Definitely, the designer should be able to incorporate your vision into a striking visual reference. Custom illustrations and photography can also enhance your book.