We offer full book design services for all of your self-publishing needs!

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Do you have an important message to share with the world? Illumination Graphics is here for all of your self-publishing needs. Soon, you can be a successful, happily published author! Though self-publishing can be a daunting process, we listen and offer complimentary guidance to you throughout the publishing process. We are passionate about helping authors to achieve their goals.

We cater to local Oregon authors, as well as authors across the United States. We offer book cover design, book cover illustration, book layout and design — in other words, full book design services. You will receive excellent, professional book design and interior layout for self publishers, always with a smile. We are your one-stop source for everything you could possibly need to get your special book published, and out to the world. If you are a new self-publishing indie author, let us guide you along the way. Always complimentary guidance for our authors! See our testimonials for 5-Star Reviews. 

A fellow author, I have been down the same path you are on, and have helped many authors and publishers along their paths of publishing their inspiring books.

Deborah Perdue, head designer and author

We help you positively transform the world, as a savvy guide for all of your book publishing needs.

Every aspect of your book design will be taken care of by our expert staff. Need editing or proofreading? We offer it. If you need illustration, we can supply beautiful, powerful, custom artwork. We provide a complete package of book design services: excellent book cover design for paperback, hard covers with dust jackets, and ebooks. We take pride in bringing the interior of your book to life too! See the Services page for more information. Ebook conversion can also be done. If you want to use one company, and not hunt around for various service providers, Illumination Graphics is your all-in-one go-to source. All along the way, we offer complimentary guidance so you feel confident and able to get everything you need, including ISBN numbers, copyrighting, and more. We will refer you to several different book marketing professionals we highly recommend because after you write your book and get it published, you probably need help with getting it noticed so you can sell more copies. And, Illumination Graphics can provide bookmarks, business cards, slide shows, posters, and more to help your book marketing come alive.

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You nailed it!

“Deborah Perdue of Illumination Graphics has a special gift for aligning with authors, understanding their message and audience  and creating beautifully magnetic cover and interior images that portray the unique energy of each book.

I didn’t have to look further than the first cover and layout Deborah proposed. It was as if we had written my book together. Yet, with one phone conversation describing the  Heart-Essence of my book, she nailed it — and, previously we had met only in passing. As a first time author,  I continue to be grateful to have local support from an intuitive expert who has designed, edited  and laid out books for internationally well-known authors — at very reasonable prices.

To design and bring to life your book and/or ebook, I highly recommend Illumination Graphics.

Jo Anna Shaw
Author, Poet, Mind-Body Coach
Phoenix, OR